Dr. Anita Hoekelman

Dr. Anita Hoekelman

Executive Committee member

Academic Degrees:

  • State exam for a Teaching Position in Elementary Schools (German, Mathematics and Sport) IFL Nordhausen
  • Diploma in Sport Science Sport University, Leipzig
  • Doctorate in Pedagogy (PhD) Pedagogical College, Magdeburg
  • Doctoral Dissertation Sport University, Leipzig

Professional Experience 1996 – 2015:

  • Professor, Department of Movement Science at Department of Sport Science at Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg
  • Course director of international master study “Performance Analysis of Sport” Module leader: Motor control and motion analysis, Manager of DAAD projects

Primary Research Interests:

  • The effect of music on basic physiological functions under different sets of conditions
  • The influence of music on the movement composition (improvisation) by female dancers and gymnasts
  • The influence of music on the movement composition (improvisation) by female dancers and gymnasts
  • Technique acquisition: Interaction of mental and motor learning
  • Music-oriented motor learning with hearing-impaired and deaf children
  • Performance Analysis in Modern Rhythmic Gymnastics for Top-level teams in world group competitions and individual competitions
  • Performance Analysis in Games (Handball)
  • Cognitive and physical Fitness in Seniors, (Senior fitness)
  • Development of Dance and Sport walker for dementia prevention and rehabilitation

Professional & Academic Association Memberships:

  • German Association of Sport Science (DVS)
  • German Association of Dance Research
  • International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport
  • International Association of Sport and Health Science (INSHS)
  • International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE)

Collegiate Athletic Experience Nationally ranked in modern rhythmic gymnastics Member of different dance groups Overview: Prof. Dr. habil. Anita Hökelmann has authored more than 150 scholarly publications (journal articles, monographs, book chapters, and copyrighted assessment instruments.) She has made 75 research and professional presentations at international, national, regional and state conferences and has directed 20 international dance workshops, 4 international conferences (2003, 2006,) the Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport (WCPAS 8) in 2008 as well the Conference “Active Healthy Aging (AHA 2015). She worked as Guest lecturer in Canada, USA, Russia, France, Italy, Poland, Check Republic, Norway, Hungarian, Ukraine, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia and Greece. She was and is: Manager of 7 financed scientific projects, grands, Manager of DAAD Projects from 2012-2017 “Transformation in academic teaching and research” Winner of Erasmus Grand in 2013 Leader of the Senior Dance Academy in Magdeburg Member of Editorial Boards in international Journals:

  • International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Kinesiology, Croatia
  • International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, UK
  • Journal of Applied Sports Science, Alexandria Egypt
  • Journal of Martial Art Anthropology, Poland
  • Journal of Physical Activity, Nutrition and Rehabilitation, Greece
  • Journal of Sport Science & Physical Education, “The Spark”, Pakistan