INSHS has the basic goal is to create a supporting and innovative environment for international academic cooperation for the members on the following fields:

  • Research projects (suggested by the members)
  • Publications (RRISS INSHS e-books and INSHS member universities related journals)
  • Doctoral studies (Cooperation of Doctoral Schools/programs)
  • Scientific events (workshops, conference, symposiums, etc.)

INSHS Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
SAB is an exclusive group of highly qualified, internationally acknowledged professors, associate professors in the field of sport and health science, kinesiology. They were and/or still related to INSHS. Members will be invited to be SAB members.

What does SAB do?

  • Research projects: initiating, supporting, and/or leading research projects, if requested.
  • Publications: reviewing of papers of members for RISS and for other INSHS supported journals if requested, membership in the editorial board, if requested.
  • Doctoral studies: supporting the cooperation of doctoral schools, supervision, if requested.
  • Academic events: supporting partnership of INSHS online and live academic events (conferences, workshops ) by sending students, staff to the events of INSHS members, and to an event organized by INSHS. SAB is respectfully invited as Member of Scientific Committees and/or keynote speakers at some events if requested.
  • Promoting INSHS to their national and international academic contacts.

INSHS main research interests are:

  • Sport and inclusion/Sport and Disability
  • Sustainable Development through Sport/Social responsibility
  • Physical Activity, Health/Active lifestyle
  • Olympism/Olympic Studies
  • Physical Education current challenges
  • COVID- 19 related types of research

Note: It could be further topics suggested by the members. Each topic has a lead person who would coordinate the research on the relevant field. In case you have a further suggestion and/or would like to be a lead person, please contact: