Activities of INSHS Digital:

• INSHS Group in Microsoft Teams – as the main interactive platform for posting and having optional research group meetings. It is the same platform that we were using at the June conference It will be launched from the 15th of September 2020. A detailed „User guide” will be sent to each group member! Only authorized persons of the member universities and identified individuals are allowed to be members of the INSHS Group in Microsoft Teams.

• INSHS Newsletter ( quarter yearly) – via email and MT INSHS Group

• INSHS Linkedin – where INSHS offers to announce news including also members university events.
• INSHS Website- it works like a digital flyer with basic information. Updated twice a year
• INSHS and its members online optional academic events (workshops, conferences) incl. annual INSHS Convention, Christmas Conference, etc) Contact: Henriette Dancs

• INSHS online social event on Microsoft Teams: „Networking Thursday Coffee Thursday” (NTC) on Microsoft Teams INSHS Group: 3.00- 4.30 pm (CET) on each first Thursday every month. (Organized INSHS- Eotvos Lorand University Budapest, Hungary) Contact: Henriette Dancs
• „ Thematic Monthly Workshop” (TMW) on any suggested online platform: 3.00- 4.30 pm (CET) once a month. Organized by a member institute. All members can choose topic for a 90 minutes workshop which includes 10 minutes introduction). Starting from October 2020. Contact: Henriette Dancs

• INSHS e-book (RRISS): to keep on editing scientific –e-books based on INSHS academic events (Dancs, Hughes, Whyte, Gaillard, Penichet Tomas). We have already edition 1 and edition 2. It is a cooperation of INSHS, ELTE, University of Alicante. Published by: Savaria Press (Szombathely, Hungary) Contact: Henriette Dancs

Contact email:

Summary table of the INSHS Digital Events:


Here is a short overview about the INSHS online activities in order to make easier for members to follow what, when and on which platform is going to happen.

⦁ Online monthly events:
Thursday Networking Coffee (TNC):
organized and scheduled by INSHS (Platform MT ELTE INSHS group, if this changes we will let you know. It is scheduled on every first Thursday of each month from 3.00- 4.30 pm(CET).

Thematic workshops (TW):
organized by INSHS in collaboration with an university member, scheduled by INSHS. Once or twice a month usually from 3.00 – 4.30 pm at any day (CET, but this depends on the university partner organizer.

⦁ International Conferences:
INSHS Convention and International Sports Scientific Conference (in every Mai/June) :
organized by INSHS (Zoom or Hopin)- this year St Petersburg as main organizer- it will be ZOOM

International Christmas Sports Scientific Conference (first week in every Dec):
organized by INSHS – and sponsors of INSHS (in Hopin)

Young Researchers Summit in Sports Science (in each April starting in 2022)
organized by INSHS – and sponsors of INSHS (in Hopin)

⦁ International Research Consoritiums:
INSHS area manager’s communication with sub – group coordinators: Monthly once- meeting on ZOOM scheduled by INSHS based on an agreed time slot.
Coordinators communication with sub-group members: scheduled online meetings within the research group of an agreed frequency and platform (ZOOM, MT, skype, Google etc).

⦁ Newletters: quarter yearly

⦁ Social media: Linkedin (once – twice announcemnets/ month)

⦁ Website: quarter yearly update

⦁ Chat platform: (MT INSHS ELTE) ONLY for sharing information, announcements, messaging in chat and only available for INSHS members.(not for online video meetings for members). Only admin can include members to get access, but members can unsubscribe themselfes any time.

⦁ Emails: your email address will be used only for INSHS related communication by taking into consideration the Data Protection Regulations. Being member of staff of an INSHS member university, unit, school, institute, faculty , department or if you are individual INSHS member and signed the membership form, you agree to receive information about INSHS related news.
⦁ RRISS (Recent Researches in Sport Science) – INSHS’ series of online scientific books (1×2 of the year mainly for publication of participants papers from INSHS organized events.

⦁ Planned: podcasts and webinars