Current Issues in Sport Science (CISS)

CISS is  a cooperation  project of  Eotvos Lorand Universty – Institute of Sport  Science (Szombathely- Budapest ( Hungary) and University of Vienna – Institute of Sport Science (Vienna, Austria)

Academic supporting partner organisation: INSHS

Editorial Board:

Editor in Chief: Mike Hughes

Editorial team: Henriette Dancs, Attila Szabó, Arnold Baca, and Joel Gaillard

About CISS: a  new serie of sport scientific books yearly one volume will be published in spring ( April Mai)

Volume 1st : 2018 . April/May

  • content: reviewed and accepted fullpapers of the Xmas Conference participants.
  • papers reviewed papers by the members of the Scientific Commitee of the Christmas Conference including the  keynote speakers and the editorial team of CISS.
  • it is an e-book ( could be paper version, if there is money for it), with ISBN Nr.

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