International Journal of Sports Sciences & Physical Education

International Journal of Sports Sciences & Physical Education with the name of “THE SPARK” is a peer-reviewed an annual open access International Academic/ Professional Journal, a publication of Sarhad University of Science and IT, (SUIT) Peshawar-Pakistan devoted to the promotion of Sports Sciences and Physical Education. THE SPARK encourages researchers who undertake and address different Sports, Sports Sciences, Fitness and Health related issues confronting the community.

THE SPARK provide an International forum for the communication and evaluation of data, methods and findings in sports sciences and physical education. Being an International Journal, the articles/ research papers can be published by authors around the world.

The journal publishes scientific publications according to the criteria listed in the Guidelines for the Authors at the website of the SUIT (Sarhad University).

THE SPARK welcomes research articles from sports scientists, health educators, coaches, athletes, trainers and research scholars profoundly involved in sports sciences and physical education to share their experiences and research findings with us.

Chief Editor: Prof. Dr. Abdul Waheed Mughal (Sarhad University of Science and Technology-Peshawar, Pakistan)